Finca La Corona

Located in Fuentes de Ebro, Finca La Corona is the largest producer of onions with PDO. With a long tradition in Onion farming, it is the last three generations of the Berdusán Sánchez family that founded and consolidated a society dedicated to the commercialization of Onions with PDO, although they also distribute other vegetables and different types of onions. To achieve an optimal product, La Corona begins with the production and selection of the seed it self, which guarantees the traceability of the product. Subsequently, with the experience transmitted from generation to generation and a great respect for the environment, Onions farming is carried out.

Ctra. N-232,  Km. 206 - 300.
50740 Fuentes de Ebro
Zaragoza (España)
Tels. 976 16 01 89/ 976 16 02 19
Movil: 629 43 56 54
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