Cebollas Agrofuentes

Under the AgroFuentes Brand it’s only commercialized Fuentes de Ebro Onions with PDO. Cebollas Cifuentes S.L. is the agricultural side of the Jumosol company, while Jumosol Fruits represents the sales force. Effort, differentiation,  value contribution and innovation identify the company since its birth. Proof of this is the active role played by the company in the creation of the Onion Protected Designation of Origin Fuentes de Ebro,  which it was the main promover. Specialization, a wide selection, visual and taste quality, excellence and continuous innovation and customer service are its most relevant characteristic.

Cebollas Agrofuentes S.L.
C/ Andrés Segovia, 17
50740 Fuentes de Ebro
976 161 040
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