Cebolla fuentes de Ebro DOP

Soft, juicy and digestive

Designation of Origin

The millennial history of Fuentes de Ebro Onions, obtaining the maximum protection figure - the Designation of Origin -, its present and its exclusive qualities guarantee a quality product, which maintains its seasonal character, obtained in a specific geographical area. All this is what identifies the black labels of the PDO.

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Geographical Area

The geographical area where the Fuentes de Ebro Onions with Protected Designation of Origin is grown is located on the banks of the Ginel River and the Ebro River, an area that covers the area of Fuentes de Ebro, Mediana de Aragón, Osera de Ebro, Pina Ebro, Quinto and Villafranca de Ebro. This area is characterized by a steppe microclimate, windy and with little rainfall, added to a fertile soil with abundant presence of gypsum and calcium carbonate and with high pH.

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FRUTAS JUMOSOL, FINCA LA CORONA and CEBOLLAS AGROFUENTES are authorized distributors of Fuentes de Ebro Onions.

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